To cringe or not to cringe

I have just found a few videos I filmed back when Francis was a few months old, I had every intention to vlog but after uploading to youtube I took them down after a day because I made myself cringe! 

I am now considering giving it that one last shot and perhaps trying a more natural approach as the videos I did before seemed a little scripted :/ 


If anyone has any tips for new kind of new vloggers please leave me a comment below as I would love to hear from you. 

The big question is shall I or shant I…. 



Keep Running

Today I wear my struggles for everyone to see, my eyes small and squinty through complete lack of sleep and my hair screaming for some TLC!

Despite wearing my new(ish) summer dress and it being a lovely sunny weekend, I don’t feel quite right.

Francis has decided to fight our usual night time routine which has changed the peaceful dynamics in the house. The night time chaos doesn’t tend to simmer down and to be honest in my mind it feels like it goes on all night.
However this is something we are working on as I am sure Francis is having a hard time and we just need to support him through this phase.
It is so easy to allow the lack of sleep and stress to get on top of me so I am on route to self recovery – hence why today I woke up at 6am to go for a morning run by the sea.
Although 6am is slightly mad as I am complaining of lack of sleep, the running helps boost my mood and keep me at a level pace in my head. The calm of the sea contrasts with my mind which is always two steps ahead constantly full speed, so its a perfect way to keep calm and run!

As well as running regularly we invested in a juicer after much debate, we are hoping our better lifestyles will give us a boost. I am already hooked and love experimenting with flavours, I think little Francis does too :)

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend :)
thank you to all my followers who support me and give me a great reason to keep posting blogs and updates.

This is me pre run – messy bedrooms can wait I was determined to start my day like this.


Let the juice making begin.



And finally carefully hiding the face trying to look ‘posed’
This dress is from Vera Moda


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I quit!

I feel like I am currently sat in the circle of an AA meeting waiting for my turn to stand up and confess my troubles, unburden my thoughts
– giving my self a certain sense of achievement through something that is truly a terrible trait.

Similar to an unwanted habit or an addiction to something that’s bad for you, my problem is frowned upon and tainted with a negative approach.

I am addicted to quitting …. Now that wasn’t too hard to say although I am not sure I like the way the word sounds it has an aggressive edge.
Never the less I honestly try to change my ways and be a little more consistent. But unfortuatly my quitting habits have stuck with me throughout my life.

As a teenager it was almost expected and perhaps I could get away with it back then as it was more of a way of life, my hair was an obvious indication to my ever changing mind and my work ethic hadn’t quite reached a respectable level (much to my fathers disappointment)

But I left those carefree days behind long ago along with a terrible fashion sense and even worse hair styles, the only thing I kept was an embarrassing taste in heavy metal and this awful attitude towards quitting.

Things start to get tough and I quit, I see thick black fog and I don’t try to get out of it and truthfully I am not sure why.
I have two jobs on the go and one of them I decided to leave. I had pondered the idea for a few weeks but it didn’t make quitting any easier.
I am left with disappointment as my habit rears its ugly head reminding me of that pesky teenager I once was.

I conclude this negative story with a little lighter thought – perhaps I just feel comfortable in doing what I think is right and regardless of how other people may perceive it, quitting is strangely courageous and there is nothing wrong with rebelling against society’s constant demands.

I am a mother and providing I don’t quit my other job I am sure this quitting spree will stop there.
I haven’t quit being a mother so there’s a thing right! ;)

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Extended youth

I hadn’t quite applied the change in myself that I had carefully manicured and adapted to suit my new life as a mother.
This is because no matter what there will always be a side to me that is hopeful, playful and likes to daydream. At first when I had Francis I desperately tried to let go of these traits worrying I was too old for wishful thinking and ambition – my time was up I had to put all my efforts into being the ‘perfect’ mother.
But thankfully after over a year of chasing perfection failing miserably and falling into a guilt ridden hole, I feel confident in myself both as a mother a friend and partner.
It’s this comfort that allows me to truly appreciate life and not just spend all my time worrying about pointless things.

Francis is 16 months almost!
He is a true blessing and although my hair is proof that motherhood can be tough (grey hair sprouting) it’s worth every late night, every tantrum and every dinner time drama.
Because at the end of everyday when Francis is peacefully sleeping I remind my self that I made him, and that’s a dream I already caught.




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The happy dress

That feeling you get when you try on an outfit that you feel good in!

I haven’t had the opportunity to dress up for a while now, but this weekend is my chance to be girly.
The thought that I will be leaving the house without my usual baby equipment and a bag bulging with nappies toys and bananas, is strangely exciting for me which is why I call this new dress my happy dress – because so far there are no signs of chewed up rice cakes, banana or general grubby baby finger marks scattered over my dress .

This outfit is from
I love this style
At £38 I think it’s a pretty good price as well :)
The sandals are from topshop

click here to buy this dress online at warehouse


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The title of this post did not take much thought, ‘home’ even when said out loud just brings that warm feeling in my heart. After a long day of traveling or working anything away from my place of comfort really, I like that going home feeling
the familiar smells and surroundings have become like an old friend, we sometimes fall out over bad smells,over flowing bins and messy corners but most of the time I am greeted with warmth and a rather honest view of real family life – how it should be.

Other than regaining a sincere love and attachment to my little home by the sea I have been treating myself and family to a much needed and long over due food make-over.

Generally speaking I like to think we are a healthy(ish) family we don’t over indulge or waste hours watching soaps on t.v we like to keep pretty active. But whats missing is the knowledge and love of real food that makes both cooking and eating part of everyday family life.
I love cooking as you can guess from previous posts, and I am sure if you follow me on istagram you will see a shameful collection of bakes and homemade treats I deem worthy of a hashtag!
The agreement I have made with myself from now and hopefully see through the rest of my life, is that I am going to make a conscious effort to seek out foods that hold benefit to our bodies, foods that boast nutritional value as well as being easy enough to prepare quickly.
I will be post any recipes I think you may like :)
My current food bible is Hemsley Hemsley the art of eating well
These girls are amazing and I am sure you will agree that the meals they present are inspiring for any health aware or in fact any hungry person!

The bible of all cookbooks!

The bible of all cookbooks!

Food blog 1

food blog 2

Framcis food 2

Francis food