Cambridge trip, family fun and that marigold dress!

Hello there,

I have just arrived home after a long family visit to Cambridge. It has been so lovely catching up with my sisters and family/friends.

It is all very exciting there at the moment as my younger sister is expecting her first baby in under 3 weeks time now! It feels so strange passing on advice and tips as it still feels new to me at times. Not only that to me she will always be my baby sister, so it feels most strange seeing her nesting and preparing for her little one.

Francis has loved seeing his family too, with lots of cousins to play with and animals galore we have not been short of things to do.

Which is why as I sit here now on my day off, the quietness whilst Francis naps is odd and not as satisfying as I imagined it to be.

I had better drink this hot chocolate quickly before naptime ends and I am bombarded with demands and requests!

I will write a more detailed update on my trip when I am not feeling quite so reliant on my online shopping and chocolate fix.

Here are a few snaps.

hannah imogen francis and the cat

The dress I am wearing here is from Topshop (link below)

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Toddler Style

This evening I have been searching the internet for clothes for Francis. I am extremely fussy with his outfits and try to avoid clothing with massive boy cliches like monsters, tractors, cars, diggers… (you get the idea)

Francis adores these things (apart from monsters) and a few of his tshirts have these on. I just prefer him in softer colours that suit his complexion.

My partner is convinced I am creating a fashion conscious toddler, but I think these little quirks are what differentiate us and if any thing it helps distract me from the constant wardrobe tantrums I have myself ;)

I have always been obsessed with baby leggins – I think they are adorable. Unlike tailored trousers and rough jeans they are soft and comfortable which makes running around and being a crazy little person slightly easier on their delicate skin.

I do love jeans but I avoid putting Francis in them when I know we will be having a hectic soft play/park running around being mental kinda day.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Tobias and the Bear

I love this print. I don’t make a habit of contradicting myself but this is an exception. These monsters are cute right?

Lola & Stella

Again these have a simular theme going with the animal/geometric prints. What I love about these is that they are handmade, organic and super cool. Sometimes I think I might be cluctching on to the baby grow days where Francis would be in a romper every day. This style of soft clothing reminds me that he is still that little baby, it sort of soothes my motherly panic around Francis growing too fast.

leggins etsy

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Every now and then I look through old photo’s and find myself spending hours getting lost in memories.

I do this with baby pictures of Francis quite a lot, mostly because the fear of him growing to fast can be slightly over whelming at times.

So sat at my messy desk, surrounded by empty coffee cups and the vision of a general creative cliche. I searched for videos and pictures.

I looked at them in disbelieve, the usual parent question of ‘where has the time gone’ hovered over my every glance.

Before long an hour had passed and my eyes strained from the computer screen.

Just as I was about to call it a day and get back to my ‘productive’ day I found a video with no title.

It turns out it was a home video but was taken from a natural point of view.

There were no edits or pre thought out gimmicks, my hair was a massive nest of waves and my partner was laughing at my terrible jokes. Francis was a tiny little baby cooing in his swing chair, his tiny legs kicking out in excitement.

I suddenly remembered that apartment and how it smelt, I remembered how much I disliked the tartan sofa that was so small I could hardly fit my post pregnant bottom on it. I paused the video on my face, I looked so happy and content my laughter lines on full show. I looked so different. I looked so relaxed.

The sound of my laughter haunted me after watching that video I didn’t recognise myself.

I couldn’t resist a massive cry fest at this point. It was needed so I just let it happen hoping the neighbors didn’t hear and wonder why I was doing a terrible impression of an endangered animal.

Obviously this was spurred on partly by hormones charging through my body like crazed mini vikings, doing everything they can to make any mundane task an absolute drama.

But there was more to this than just hormones causing my melancholy. I was sad at how far away I am from that happy de-stressed normal woman. I was sad that my partner doesn’t look at me like he did in that video. His eyes don’t focus on my face, I don’t catch him watching me or listening to my dull stories.

It is so easy to blame my partner or blame myself at this point or even blame motherhood.

But it is none of these things. It is life.

And I was getting stuck in the race, the speedy long not stopping for air race.

I didn’t find things funny any more not because my humor had been pulled down along with my post pregnant boobs, but because I didn’t have time for humor or any fun for that matter unless of course it was in the form of making play doh cats.

I had stopped being the person I always was before and allowed myself to let pressure get on top of me which had shifted my energy and crushed my free spirit.

That evening I left the dishes regardless of how much my mind was convincing me to just quickly do them. I left the pile of washing that resembled a fabric mountain. I even left Francis’s toys scattered around in the living room, emails were abandoned and my mind was suddenly in the moment.

My only witness to this epiphany was my partner, who in shock asked if I was feeling sick. I smiled and in my head the snapshot of my happy face on film mirrored this moment.

We talked for hours and I apoligised for getting caught up. I said sorry for not laughing at his constant jokes and for forgetting to be human.

I vowed to stop imitating a mechanical mummy and start living, loving and enjoying life again.

I promised that my frown lines wouldn’t deepen any time soon and instead my smile lines would beat them to it.

The next morning he took the day off, a spontaneous act regaining my hope that team work will be making a come back in to Ross-Tiernan household.

We spent the day as a family, eating out in our favorite place. Drinking coffee on an empty green whilst our big boy took a well timed nap so mummy and daddy could hold hands for a while.

I think we found ourselves again.

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Outfit of the day – H&M navy dress picked up from a charity shop (you know I can’t resist a bargain)

Happy weekend lovely people :)

Today we have been mostly listening to – Wolf Alice – my love is cool. 


Farewell comfort zone.

The spontaneity of taking Francis for an evening walk and a trip to the empty park, was exactly what was needed. Although bedtime should have been first on the agenda, I wanted to make the most of the long evenings and couldn’t stand another bedtime battle.

The fresh air is what we all needed, the park was so still with only a handful of big kids playing basketball in the background. This meant I could show off on the monkey bars ;)

Every now and then, routines and schedules can get monotonous and the daily struggle to keep your mind focused and not bluring into a sate of continuity is not easy. It is so important to change things up every now and then, freeing your mind and letting go. I do this not only for myself but for Francis too, in hope that it opens his mind and helps him grow.

What do you do out of your comfort zone?


The last minute dress.

Hello there!

I thought I would upload a picture of the outfit I wore to a wedding I went to this weekend.
After panic buying a bargain dress weeks before I was convinced I would be fine. But in true me style I hated the other dress the day before the wedding.

Luckily ASOS have an option of next day delivery even if ordered the night before! So although I was cutting it fine, this dress was perfect for a summer wedding. The best part was I could eat as much food/cake as I wanted without the dress feeling uncomfortable or too tight (surely this is an added bonus)

ASOS Dress

What I wore

I Give up Giving Up .. (for now)

Hello there,

I would welcome you back with open arms and smile politely behind my computer screen, but the truth is I am ashamed of my lack of blogging.

It is not just blogging that has got the short straw unfortunately. Distancing myself from writing every now and then is something I have become good at, it is a habit I don’t tend to talk about often as giving up is something I can’t seem to give up!

So here I begin again, I can’t seem to leave this blog it provides so much nostalgia when I look back  that I feel certain I should keep it up. Even if it becomes just a little place to house my memories and thoughts pictures and quotes.

If any of you read my posts previously you will remember my little son Francis – well he is now 2 years old!

He is a happy, playful, cheeky little toddler. Adventurous and courageous which keeps mummy on tender hooks on a daily basis.

I hope I can continue to share our moments.


My Outfit – Topshop

Francis’s Outfit – Zara 

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Hello 2015

Hello 2015,
You look bright, inviting and full of prospect. You remind me of new snow that hasn’t been walked on and you smell like a new book with fresh untouched pages. I like new starts almost as much as I like new stationary.

The last part of 2014 I took a break from blooging without intending to. I left behind my love of fashion taking photos and general writing to pursue a new business venture.
Mothering a new business is much like having a child in the sense I am taking care not to show it off until it’s mature enough to stand alone, it has kept me up late at night and left me asking what the hell am I doing’ on several occasions.
So with this and everything else going on my blog has yet again taken a back seat. I was debating on leaving this completely, but going through my past blog posts I would be leaving behind something that had just as much meaning as my new business does. The only difference is that this is not shiny and new like a new venture. How awful of me to neglect something that was part of my journey as a mother to simply
replace it with something else.

Well 2015 I promised to work a little harder at multi tasking!
So although I haven’t got a huge amount of content here for now I wanted to reassure my followers that I am back:) and will be updating my usual posts as well as giving
you an insight into this new business journey.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and make the most of the fresh new year.

I could’t resist leaving you with some pictures …

Jumper – Topshop
baggy jumper

Dress – New Look
Sparkle dress

A classic start to the new year.