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Happy Easter

Long weekends are perfect excuses for long lazy mornings, baking and family outings.
I can’t say we were lucky enough to lay in bed until brunch but we still managed to stay in our p.j’s for a little longer ;)
Following a slow morning we ventured out to the castle road fete in southsea. I was in my element looking around the various crafty stalls and vintage treasures I even treated Francis to a beautiful handmade bunny made by a very talented lady, her unique designs are truly wonderful and make a great gift or even a stylish keep sake for the home.

click here to view oohlalapin blog and cute creations

We finished the afternoon off with a scrumptious pie from pie & vinyl feeling super trendy in our soundings with bands playing in the background.

(I just about managed to eat my pie and juggle a wriggly baby!)

Lots of love to you all and happy Easter x




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Cake and chaos

I try to capture a moment in a split second amongst the hustle and bustle, the sound of new toys chirping/singing/ talking is an immediate distraction and a sudden realisation that I won’t get to celebrate another first year with Francis – this is what makes birthdays special right?

After my ‘moment’ I continue my motherly duties and feed the masses making sure everyone is piling their plates with party food and birthday cake. I manage to scoff handfuls of finger food in my mouth while balancing cups of tea a party trick in itself I’m sure!
My house is full and bursting with energy, the sound of my nieces laughter fills the room as she watches Francis crash into just about everything with his new ride-on toy.
Everyone is happy and I am delighted to share this special day with loved ones.

Day two of celebrations takes place in a soft play area somewhere new and different for Francis to explore, his curiosity is adorable and the sheer excitement on his little face made me so proud. It was at this moment I sat down on one of those big foam chairs sipping my ultra sugary drink that I became struck with emotion, I tried to conceal my tears by using my hair to cover my face slightly but it was too late the flood gates were open… So there I was sippy cup in one hand surrounded by balls and plastic toys crying in the middle of a very busy soft play.
My dear mother came running over as soon as she realised that I was in fact having a rather open melt down, I could tell she was embarrassed but she still wrapped her arms around me we both looked over at the children playing so nicely together. Wiping the black mascara from my cheeks she said:
‘Hannah my love one year has passed – he will always be your baby you are still my baby look at you’

So that was it somewhere between the cake and chaos I managed to come to terms with the fact that my baby is now reaching another mile stone all I can do is keep up.

Happy birthday Francis James







(It was also my dad’s birthday I can honestly say my relationship with cakes is over)

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I have been very naughty …

A hectic schedule and and poorly babe has meant blogging was pushed aside!
Sorry for my lack of posts I can assure you #outfitoftheday and charity shop hauls will be back soon.

It is almost Francis’s first birthday – I have been preparing cake decorations for his day and trying to find that perfect gift! Luckily there are some amazing websites out there offering the cutest toys and gifts, unusual wooden toys are our go to but honestly scamp is more than happy with a cardboard box how typical!

alexandalexa – online shop with great selection of toys click here to check it out




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Who are you

Chasing identity

For years I’ve moulded and perfected the path I want to follow. Time proved that I could create my own path leave the old behind because too many people tread the same path.

After this realisation my former expectations of what I’m meant to be and how I fit in disappeared and finally I was able to breathe, no longer was I suffocating under the influence of other people forming my decisions.

So my youth left quietly, sure I kept hold of it held it tightly and like a fond memory I revisited it occasionally.
The lesson I learnt when forming my own path in life was that it takes time and effort to be yourself in today’s society especially as we are spoilt with idols and influences, but choosing to be who you want to be wearing what you want to wear and doing the things that make you happy is something that when you get older you will be proud of.

I used to be lost – I think that’s called your twenties.


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Lovely Sunday

The week draws to an end with Monday feeling like it was only yesterday.
The morning starts as normal an early rise, a hot coffee in my favourite mug that I cradle in the palm of my hands as if it’s value is much greater than it’s worth. Francis plays with his blue car at the bottom of my bed screaming with excitement when Indi cat walks through the door begging for breakfast.
My time in bed is up Indi reminds me that just because it’s Sunday I can’t dismiss her morning routine! I scoop my little Francis in one hand kiss those chubby cheeks as we head downstairs for breakfast club.
Bombay bicycle club plays softly in the kitchen slightly masked by the sounds of cutlery and plates – I like these sounds.
After breakfast we get ready for our day ahead knowing that it will end up in our favourite coffee shop before purchasing some fresh market goods at the farmers market.

Francis got a few new clothes today he seems to be growing very quickly now I can’t quite keep up!

I hate when Sundays come to an end because Monday seems far less exciting and slightly more fast paced.