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The art of wearing baggy cardigans

Unable to control my habit of purchasing knitwear and lipsticks, I made the most of a shopping trip spent in London over the weekend. Urban Outfitters does autumn/winter style
perfectly. With a strong collection of knits and cardies over sized jumpers and winter tights I was quite happy to get lost in the autumnal nostalgia.

I am a huge fan of wearing shorts in the autumn/winter but getting the right style is paramount! I tend to go for a higher waist and rolled up at the bottom a sort of relaxed look
Together with shorts and tights I am no where with out a big cardigan to wrap around me, living by the sea makes this sort of clothing essential.


Sunday traditions are still in full swing, with seaside picnics becoming a regular Sunday hit. Francis enjoys running from the waves and finding various stones and shells to throw back in the sea.
With a busy life things get a little over whelming at times, but moments like these are gentle reminders of the beauty of living – simplicity is often the key to our happiness.


A bad day is a good day if you allow it to be…

I’ve had a ‘naughty day today’ I said biting the inside of my cheeks to my friend who wasn’t quite sure how to
take my nervous cackle.

By ‘naughty day’ I meant I had carelessly raided the food cupboards and ate what ever the hell I fancied at a price of course!

Every time I over indulge I am fully aware that my own justifications are thought of and the rest of my week is determined by these ‘naughty’ moments.
Naughty days are not defined simply by the food I eat but anything I feel is a bad reflection of my character or a weakness.
(e.g – buying too much shopping and over spending leading to a massive guilt trip or eating too much chocolate, drinking too much coffee, not going for a run…. you get the idea)

So here I am in the middle of realisation, a moment of calm and self reflection a moment that has only been broken to write this blog (as I feel the need to
share this with you all).

I have been so strict with both my eating habits lifestyle and general being, restrictions here and restrictions there a prisoner left caged behind my own
disproving attitudes towards what ‘one’ is meant to look like and meant to be like.
The enormity of it didn’t quite reach breaking point until now and that is because I am desperate to free myself from worrying about everything I eat and everything I do that contributes to my well being.

As women it has some how become normal and part of our femininity to discuss weight loss weight gain and how crap we feel in our new skinny jeans.Its worrying and quite frankly
boring that we get trapped within the expectations and pressures of today’s culture.
It has also become normal for my group of friends to discuss how unsatisfied and angry we are at our bodies dwelling on negatives and forgetting
the lack of importance our looks really have on our future plans, but sadly this dissatisfaction of our image is accepted in our group.

Inspired by an article that triggered these thoughts I feel in powered and recharged. Ready to embrace a different outlook on appearance and self doubts.

we are given so many chances in life and often we don’t quite reach our potential because we don’t quite believe in ourselves and this is why my attitude needs to change.

This is not to say that my deep and unforgiving love affair with tatty baggy jumpers and other fashion trends wont continue because that is part of my self
expression, but worrying about what I look like is contradicting the reason I love fashion so much as the doubt shadows the person behind the clothes.

I don’t have naughty days anymore I just have days – some are good some are bad.

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baggy jumper


As ever I am wearing a baggy jumper… and as usual Francis is to wriggly for a photo! :) 

Todays outfit screams – housework,home day, messy play mumma but I kind of like it never the less. 

Francis is saying things now which is super cute, it also means I have to be extra careful as to what I say or do he mimics everything! 


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The bargain dress – it fits

Bidding for bargains on ebay is something I am addicted to (as most of my followers know) there is nothing better than spotting a bargain and winning the bid especially a 99p bid!! 

So here is my dress I got for under £1.00 obviously postage on top of that but considering it still had the tags in I feel pretty happy. 


longer sleeves - perfect for autumn!

longer sleeves – perfect for autumn!

wearing my sale tights from topshop - cat heads on my legs of course!


This dress was originally from Urbanoutfitters.


Thank you for stopping by – I am always grateful for my followers Xx  

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Meltdown Monday’s

Sunday leaves behind a sort of reminder that it did actually happen regardless of how far away the weekend already feels. Several mugs and tea cups collect in the corners of my house highlighting Sunday afternoon activities! 

Other than simple reminders of the weekend I love so dearly, Monday has a great way of stomping on my parade with its big fat monday shoes. Waking up early as ever we prepare for our day I already feel stressed at the thought of Francis’s packed lunch, olives and pita with a healthy fruit selection or classic marmite sandwiches!? I then remind myself that he is 17 months old which means the complicating chore of me preparing a gourmet lunch to take to nursery will be wasted time as most of it ends up in little piles on the floor… unless of course its grapes he loves grapes. 

Right the lunches are tackled I feel smug with my perfectly prepared lunch yet also stupid for taking this much time. But there is reasoning in my morning prep as I still haven’t quite grasped the extreme guilt feeling I have when leaving Francis at nursery, I over compensate on lunches and treats in hope that he wont hate me for leaving him.

So not only are monday’s hideous because the weekend becomes a distant memory it is the day I am left feeling empty and guilt ridden.

Most of the time he enjoys playing with others and getting stuck in with all the activities but other times he looks at me with those big blue heart melting eyes and I know that when my back turns to leave through the door he will sob – which breaks my heart because I should be there to comfort him.


Parenting leaves me guilt ridden most of the time because I am aiming so high that I guilt trip myself if I don’t reach my own silly expectations. I am now learning to go easy on myself and remind myself that I am doing fine – as is Francis

we are fine

and the monday blues will be forgotten just like sunday.   

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Good morning Sunday bloggers

Sunday is here and I am not working which is defiantly something to be excited about!
So far I have been for a morning run by the sea, listened to the Orwells whilst getting the chores done, played bricks with scamp and rediscovered a pair of old denim shorts!

Today’s outfit is not quite fitting for the weather as it’s slightly brisk out today, but I figured my baggy cardi will provide all the warmth I need.




Hope you enjoy your Sunday – do something different today.


gloomy jumpers.

A festival of vibrant colours and light materials crowd my wardrobe, big hats and long floaty dresses. But sadly the cool sea air is reminding me that although we are still in august, summer is passing us pretty quickly.

I am currently listening to Farewell Jr - music to suit my mood, my jumper has a slight musty smell as I left it tucked away before the summer. But that’s ok because today feels like a day of change which although I am usually uncomfortable with it feels necessary.

Whist the weather begins its inevitable change, I follow suit in trying to find appropriate wardrobe staples –  a casual affair involving perfect timing (waiting for little francis’s nap time), coffee in my favorite cup, music and of course urban!

Urban Outfitters have the best selection of oversized jumpers – my ultimate favorite!

A few of my favs! fashion 3 40b874_8ddd843538aa9755813b4ed48b1bf401.png_srz_p_379_383_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz