Somebody & Nobody

I am that lady that say’s sorry as she very carefully tries to navigate around you as you are peacefully browsing the new fiction isle. I am jealous because I too want to browse through the new books but I know I have seconds before my little person will start getting agitated. I am the… More Somebody & Nobody

Dear Me.

Dear Me, A letter owed to you from you. You are not old – you have said this for the past 6 years. Worry less about the number that defines how long you have breathed on the earth and focus on what you want to do with your time. Please stop looking for flaws you… More Dear Me.

Life can wait.

A week filled with juggling acts, days filled with broken routine and promises that can’t be kept. I am not so fond of these busy weeks. Every where I look there are small reminders of jobs I need to get done. My bedroom being one of them as it currently resembles a small prison with… More Life can wait.

The Enchanted Walk.

When I picture Francis the age he is now I always think of baggy knitted jumpers, wellie boots, and wispy blonde hair. At this moment he is my little shadow asking me what why and how, my little mate who cuddles me with sincerity, holds my hand for security but is just starting to explore… More The Enchanted Walk.

It is in the simple things that we find the greatest moments.

What to do with a toddler on a rainy day… Well soft play was the obvious and I obliged seeing as scamp had been begging me all morning. I didn’t last too long in the stuffy sweaty soft-hell so I had to think fast. How could I convince Francis that we should do something else..… More It is in the simple things that we find the greatest moments.

Monday be Good.

Monday has a hard time people hate Monday. Yet the start of the week holds promise.. a sort of we can do this approach is how I deal with the eye rolling ordeal of Monday mornings in this house. With this said it is hard to believe what lovely weather we had last week. Autumnal… More Monday be Good.

Part of me felt awful for leaving my last post. There is something quite awkward for me to share such private events but equally this has been a turning point for both my blog I want my readers to see both the good and the not so good aspects of my life because that is… More