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Warm necks.

Not too cold enough to find my winter coat but cold enough to start wearing my roll necks.

I love roll necks and managed to find Francis a cute navy coloured one which is super cute.

Todays outfit is inspired my rainy days and long walks in the crispy leaves.

Skirt: Topshop

Cardi: Urban Outfitters 

Roll neck: Topshop 


Today I have been working from home which has been lovely so far – now it’s time to indulge in some lunch time snacks with the scamp :)

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A dressing gown should only be worn for a certain amount of time … not ALL day!

I don’t like to think I define the way I feel based on what I am wearing, but I fear it is starting to head that way.

Today I was a picture of ‘mummy’s going crazy’ wearing my coffee stained dressing gown with a messy up do and no make up to cover these god
awful dark circles under my sleep deprived eyes!
My reason for failing to comply to our normal routine of getting dressed in the morning was because everything about our routine has been out the window in recent times.
With builders turning up at 7.30 every morning working on the house I have become more tea maker and
cleaner than anything else.
This morning just went from bad to worse so I did decided to take a moment whilst the sound of drilling vibrated through the house, to sit in Francis’s room and have prolonged morning cuddles whilst watching the moomins eating marmite on toast.

The frown that has become a permanent feature on my face was soon turned into smiles when I heard Francis say ‘marmite marmite’ with such delight – his speach is really coming along suddenly.

So I sat drinking my third coffee staring at the toys surrounding my feet and wondered why I was still wearing my dressing gown!
Things are not going to change unless I take the right steps. By allowing myself to be eaten by anxiety and doubt it is only stopping me from seeing the beauty that is around me.
The beauty in my family and my dear friends, my home and of course the lovely places that surround my home places that used to inspire me.

Dipping in and out of work has defiantly proven to be a brave move. When I am working I have complete control and focus. When I am at home I am forced into a strange sense of panic I convince myself that the house needs to be perfect with smells of baking wafting out of the kitchen, Francis must be entertained and played with all day. I still sing Five monkeys jumping on the bed whilst taking a pee with Francis in there with me just to keep him happy – when he is happy I am happy. Or at least that’s my logic.

In conclusion to my dressing gown melt down I have decided that while I am not working for a while I need to stop being so hard on myself and give in to that force that’s pulling me down. And for now its ok to want to wear something nice even if its just to do the shopping, because it makes me feel good.
Dressing gowns don’t.

Any way lovely people thank you for stopping by. Your likes and comments have certainly made me feel pretty awesome

I would like to say that although I am painting a terribly negative picture of my day, things did progress into a standard lovely day. Francis helped me bake and we finally got round to carving our small pumpkins, he loved scooping the flesh out and getting all messy with me.

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In search for that special dress…

Hello there fellow bloggers :)

With a fancy trip to London just around the corner I have been in panic mode trying to arrange outfits.
The trip has been organised thoroughly from meeting at the hotel to shopping in selfridges we will be dining in a five star restaurant and sipping cocktails on a roof top terrace. This all sounds idyllic and I am grateful to be going, my two issues are leaving Francis for the first time over night (he will be staying in cambridge with my parents) and finding the right dress to wear in the evening.


I have managed to find a smart/casual day outfit which seems appropriate for shopping and sight seeing, but the most important outfit is the evening dress. So this week will be spent trawling the net and hoping to find that special dress.

I feel I haven’t dressed up in ages so I am pretty sure I want to go all out :)

Anyway I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.

Here is my outfit of the day – which I plan to wear in London:

Skirt – French Connection

Jumper – French Connection

Boots – New Look

Necklace – Topshop

french conection

french connec

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Go easy on the pumpkins…

With October in full swing, I have become obsessed with pumpkins! Pumpkin spice, pumpkin latte, pumpkin pie, soup and of course there is a general orange glow dominating my home with pumpkins decorating each free corner.
What can I say – I am very fond of this month, autumn has settled in nicely and I am able to wear baggy jumpers and skinny jeans.

Pull & Bear

Hannah autumn 2

autumn 3

autumn 4

autumn 5

autumn 6

Jumper is from Pull & Bear

Jeans are from Topshop

Skirt is from Redherring at Debenhams

So those were the last two outfits worn this weekend – which was spent drinking pumpkin spiced latte’s with my favorite people, keeping it simple this weekend relaxed and ready for our week ahead.

Currently listening to: Death From Above 1979

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Finding my way

I have formed a deliberate distance between myself and the ‘real world’ recently. I tried to think of ways to excuse my lack of blogging or reasons why I had no desire to write. My blog that usually provides me with consistency and hope was the punch bag for my blows which is why it has been left alone for now.

I will try to be radically honest as I believe that is what makes us bloggers ‘likeable’ we give a realistic insight into our own little life’s.

So… it all started when found a moment to myself and decided to play my unloved guitar, which had been purposely placed in the corner of my room leaning on a pile of papers and unwritten note books. No sooner had I started to put words to the music I was playing, little Francis came toddling in, his feet pattering on the hard floor.
“mummmm … mummma” he called out “nooo mumma nooo”
The not so subtle hint for me to stop what I was doing and assert my attention back on to him was shown in his concerned facial expression. A deep frown followed after the mumma and noooo. Taking his hand I followed him over to see what he wanted to show me so desperately.
And there in front of me were bricks and plastic cups formed into a chaotic pile with cowboy Ned placed right on top.
I looked at him with that proud mum look – a slight head tilt and soft smile.

Francis’s pile of bricks was important over my time but there was a deep longing that I couldn’t quite ignore.

Later that night after our night time routine came to end,the house came a sudden stillness that was unfamiliar to these walls. The calm energy was pulling me closer to the sofa insisting I echo the inactivity – of course I did so without hesitation.
I slumped down into the sofa wondering what I looked like on the outside as my body slipped deeper and deeper into the arms of the chair. My general reluctance to move made me feel slobbish’ and I suddenly felt uneasy.

Had I started filling my life with habits and routines caused by the strong desire to get every thing right and fulfil a purpose I had given myself? Have I lost my selfhood? and if I had would it ever fully return. I then reminded myself that these are questions I have asked my self for a while now, without the answers to satisfy my wondering I feel lost again (and blogging about it again)

With these thoughts hanging over me irritating my tranquility, I get up from my warm spot and go back to my tatty old guitar. Being overly conscious not to make too much noise I start playing again. My voice sounded weak but I was hoping that was because I was trying so hard not to disturb the peace.
Regardless of the sadness in my lyrics and the weakness in my tone, it felt so good to sing again each time I was remembering how much I used to love music and how important it is to remember the qualities you have underneath motherhood.

I am by no means making motherhood out to be boring and monotonous, but I find that I forget who I am when I focus on the daily routines. This is often why I have difficulties writing these days and why I tend to leave my blog unattended ignoring the real reasons I started blogging in the first place, which was to keep track of my parenting memories and of course to expose a little of my quirky life.

Ironically Francis woke up soon after I played guitar, I wasn’t in the least surprised as I must have got carried away.
I cuddled his little body which was limp with tiredness but aware enough to feel my arms wrap securely around him. His eyes flickered slightly and lips pursed together twitching every now and then, I stroked the palms of his soft hands and hummed songs to him faintly until he drifted back to sleep.

Leaving his room I sat back down in my warm cosy spot on the sofa and remembered that doing the things you love don’t always have to require recognition from others. I love writing and my music related hobbies will always be a huge part of who I am. Motherhood is a challenge and rediscovering a sense of ‘selfhood’ is equally challenging but I will write for my own well being and sing for that little man who enjoys the soothing songs I sing to him at night and for me that means I have made it right?

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The art of wearing baggy cardigans

Unable to control my habit of purchasing knitwear and lipsticks, I made the most of a shopping trip spent in London over the weekend. Urban Outfitters does autumn/winter style
perfectly. With a strong collection of knits and cardies over sized jumpers and winter tights I was quite happy to get lost in the autumnal nostalgia.

I am a huge fan of wearing shorts in the autumn/winter but getting the right style is paramount! I tend to go for a higher waist and rolled up at the bottom a sort of relaxed look
Together with shorts and tights I am no where with out a big cardigan to wrap around me, living by the sea makes this sort of clothing essential.


Sunday traditions are still in full swing, with seaside picnics becoming a regular Sunday hit. Francis enjoys running from the waves and finding various stones and shells to throw back in the sea.
With a busy life things get a little over whelming at times, but moments like these are gentle reminders of the beauty of living – simplicity is often the key to our happiness.


A bad day is a good day if you allow it to be…

I’ve had a ‘naughty day today’ I said biting the inside of my cheeks to my friend who wasn’t quite sure how to
take my nervous cackle.

By ‘naughty day’ I meant I had carelessly raided the food cupboards and ate what ever the hell I fancied at a price of course!

Every time I over indulge I am fully aware that my own justifications are thought of and the rest of my week is determined by these ‘naughty’ moments.
Naughty days are not defined simply by the food I eat but anything I feel is a bad reflection of my character or a weakness.
(e.g – buying too much shopping and over spending leading to a massive guilt trip or eating too much chocolate, drinking too much coffee, not going for a run…. you get the idea)

So here I am in the middle of realisation, a moment of calm and self reflection a moment that has only been broken to write this blog (as I feel the need to
share this with you all).

I have been so strict with both my eating habits lifestyle and general being, restrictions here and restrictions there a prisoner left caged behind my own
disproving attitudes towards what ‘one’ is meant to look like and meant to be like.
The enormity of it didn’t quite reach breaking point until now and that is because I am desperate to free myself from worrying about everything I eat and everything I do that contributes to my well being.

As women it has some how become normal and part of our femininity to discuss weight loss weight gain and how crap we feel in our new skinny jeans.Its worrying and quite frankly
boring that we get trapped within the expectations and pressures of today’s culture.
It has also become normal for my group of friends to discuss how unsatisfied and angry we are at our bodies dwelling on negatives and forgetting
the lack of importance our looks really have on our future plans, but sadly this dissatisfaction of our image is accepted in our group.

Inspired by an article that triggered these thoughts I feel in powered and recharged. Ready to embrace a different outlook on appearance and self doubts.

we are given so many chances in life and often we don’t quite reach our potential because we don’t quite believe in ourselves and this is why my attitude needs to change.

This is not to say that my deep and unforgiving love affair with tatty baggy jumpers and other fashion trends wont continue because that is part of my self
expression, but worrying about what I look like is contradicting the reason I love fashion so much as the doubt shadows the person behind the clothes.

I don’t have naughty days anymore I just have days – some are good some are bad.