The last minute dress.

Hello there!

I thought I would upload a picture of the outfit I wore to a wedding I went to this weekend.
After panic buying a bargain dress weeks before I was convinced I would be fine. But in true me style I hated the other dress the day before the wedding.

Luckily ASOS have an option of next day delivery even if ordered the night before! So although I was cutting it fine, this dress was perfect for a summer wedding. The best part was I could eat as much food/cake as I wanted without the dress feeling uncomfortable or too tight (surely this is an added bonus)

ASOS Dress

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I Give up Giving Up .. (for now)

Hello there,

I would welcome you back with open arms and smile politely behind my computer screen, but the truth is I am ashamed of my lack of blogging.

It is not just blogging that has got the short straw unfortunately. Distancing myself from writing every now and then is something I have become good at, it is a habit I don’t tend to talk about often as giving up is something I can’t seem to give up!

So here I begin again, I can’t seem to leave this blog it provides so much nostalgia when I look back  that I feel certain I should keep it up. Even if it becomes just a little place to house my memories and thoughts pictures and quotes.

If any of you read my posts previously you will remember my little son Francis – well he is now 2 years old!

He is a happy, playful, cheeky little toddler. Adventurous and courageous which keeps mummy on tender hooks on a daily basis.

I hope I can continue to share our moments.


My Outfit – Topshop

Francis’s Outfit – Zara 

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Hello 2015

Hello 2015,
You look bright, inviting and full of prospect. You remind me of new snow that hasn’t been walked on and you smell like a new book with fresh untouched pages. I like new starts almost as much as I like new stationary.

The last part of 2014 I took a break from blooging without intending to. I left behind my love of fashion taking photos and general writing to pursue a new business venture.
Mothering a new business is much like having a child in the sense I am taking care not to show it off until it’s mature enough to stand alone, it has kept me up late at night and left me asking what the hell am I doing’ on several occasions.
So with this and everything else going on my blog has yet again taken a back seat. I was debating on leaving this completely, but going through my past blog posts I would be leaving behind something that had just as much meaning as my new business does. The only difference is that this is not shiny and new like a new venture. How awful of me to neglect something that was part of my journey as a mother to simply
replace it with something else.

Well 2015 I promised to work a little harder at multi tasking!
So although I haven’t got a huge amount of content here for now I wanted to reassure my followers that I am back:) and will be updating my usual posts as well as giving
you an insight into this new business journey.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and make the most of the fresh new year.

I could’t resist leaving you with some pictures …

Jumper – Topshop
baggy jumper

Dress – New Look
Sparkle dress

A classic start to the new year.


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Calm before the Christmas.

Hello there!

I don’t often post on a Wednesday but this afternoon Francis has decided to take an unexpected nap, which has left me with plenty to get on with ;)

So we are currently in the pre panic part of the build up to Christmas, the safe zone the calm before the storm. Right now my desk is cluttered with little scribbled out notes and lists full of christmas ideas that I imagine will get neglected with the rest of my to-do lists. I am not rushing out to the shops just yet but have just started enjoying the smells of the festive season, everything I make seems to have a hint of cinnamon and warm spices. I like this period it’s stress free and my mind is full of bright ideas and intentions. December the 7th is when I begin to panic, the to-do list is lost the shopping is never ending and my house is full of Christmas chaos (and that’s only the 7th)

Before my Christmas melt down hits home I am going to enjoy my cinnamon spiced beetroot smoothie (it’s healthy but disgusting) and continue thinking up my grand ideas.

In other news I thought I would post the new outfit I purchased for my family Christmas ‘do
At first I was unsure of the 60’s inspired print as it seemed unusually bold for me, but I am happy that I have stayed clear of my favorite shade of black for once.

This playsuit is from Miss Selfridge. and is currently on sale with 10% off.

miss selfridge 2

blog dress miss selfri

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Tis the season to wear tartan’

Yup that’s right it’s that time of year for wearing tartan. I am a huge fan of this print, and haven’t just stopped at one item.

I am not sure if the festive season is finally pushing me towards seasonal traditions or if I just like the comfort of familiarity, but this print is my favorite for this time of year.

My school teacher used to wear a tartan pencil skirt with black shiny courts, at the time I questioned her brave fashion statement but my younger self was clearly unaware of the classic staple that seems to appear in high street shops every winter.

outfit of the day

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Francis’s outfit of the day!

My toes are starting to get really cold, and the tip of my nose which is usually covered in freckles is disguised by a seasonal rosey red blemish. This for me is my own personal winter reminder, must purchase gloves and hat and prepare to be cold!

Francis has also had a few new winter appropriate outfits, we spend lots of time out and about so I wanted to make sure I fund a warm hat that would actually stay on his head.

We love Zara for children they have such a unique quirky range.

They have the most adorable range of hats, coats and knitwear I couldn’t resist stocking up.

rancis zara2

zara hat

cute zara


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The black dress

A weekend in London was just what I needed, dressing up shopping and eating fine food was a perfect start to the month.

I had previously been anxious about what I should wear for the evening ‘black tie’ event. Without knowing other women there it’s difficult to feel confident in my choice. So I opted for a simple black lace dress with a high neck, I could have gone for something a little more out there but I felt this was a classic.

The dress is from Marks&Spencer

I don’t think I have ever purchased clothing from there before but was pleasantly surprised to see a wide range of high quality evening outfits.

Selfridges was on the itinerary – this was possibly the highlight of the trip :)


I don’t often post make-up pictures on this blog, mainly because as a mum I don’t go all out on my make up routine on a daily basis. Of course the weekend was an exception so I went for a smokey eye with dark red lips, I felt this was very seasonal and I couldn’t recommend the Benefit eyeliner more! Its my new favorite make-up item.

smokey eye

Other than indulging and having a pretty wonderful time, the best bit was putting on my favorite ripped jeans with my massive jumper and sitting on the train knowing that I will be reunited with my favorite little man :) Being greeted with huge smiles and cuddles was priceless.